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08 - 04 - 22
Hello, Gamers! The topic of today’s discussion will be leveling up your Valorant account. Many players have been wondering how to level up the quickest…

Hello, Gamers! The topic of today’s discussion will be leveling up your Valorant account. Many players have been wondering how to level up the quickest in order to access competitive play since the change requires your account to be at least level 20.

Valorant Account Levels are gained with AP, rather then XP

This section often confuses players, and to be honest, it is a little counterintuitive. To be clear, in Valorant you can only advance your account levels by accumulating AP (Account Points).

However, XP, the standard metric we’re familiar to from other games, is used to level up Agents through contracts.

Valorant account level rewards

At level 20, you do, however, unlock competitive as your first reward. Yay. After level 20, there are incentives in the shape of account boundaries that you can use to display your level. Not much, but include me. They appear like this.

Valorant account level rewards

Every 20 account levels, the border of your Player Card will change, providing you a visual reflection of how much time you’ve invested in the game.

Account Level requirements in Valorant

It’s again natural for us gamers that the amount of XP needed to go through the levels increases in numerous games like League of Legends. The AP per level is locked at 5000 by Valorant, although you gain fewer and fewer with each level.

Okay, so if it’s 5000 per level, how much do you typically get per game, you’re probably wondering now. We’ve got you.

One of our valued customers who purchased our Valorant account recently, had one of our expert boosters level up their Valorant account.

He played Unrated games, and the amount he earned per victory was as follows. The quantity of AP you earn varies depending on how long the game lasts and whether you win or lose. To be exact, 1AP was awarded for every 6 seconds of play, plus 50AP if the team won. The following numbers, however, ought to be a reliable approximation.

  • Level 1 – 5: 4500-5000 AP (1-2 wins)
  • Level 5-10: 1300-1500 AP (3-4 wins)
  • Level 10-17: 1100-1300 AP (4-5 wins)
  • Level 17-18: 750 AP (6-7 wins)
  • Level 18-19: 700 AP (7-8 wins)
  • Level 19-20: 650 AP (7-8 wins)

As was said before, the gains begin rather large and then decrease to relatively lower levels. Valorant matches last an average of 35 minutes, so if you win every game, you’ll have played for around 18 hours.

Fortunately, a 1000 AP daily bonus will cut down on your playing times a little. Leveling up in Valorant from 1 to 20 takes over 20 hours of gameplay on average, with the average player winning about 50% of the games. Woosh. For simply the competitive mode to be unlocked, it is a lot of gameplay.

Fastest Way To Level Up In Valorant

What is the quickest way to level up in Valorant, then? There is no magic formula, and I’m sorry to have to break it to you. Basically, it’s hard job.

Play rated-free matches, compete to win, improve your skills, and have fun. To receive a bonus of 1000 AP, make sure to log in at least once per day and win the first game of the day.

The match’s duration, which is the most crucial element, allows you to theoretically prolong it if you know you will win in order to earn more AP. But the choice is yours. In my perspective, it’s definitely more enjoyable to simply try your best and level up in a realistic setting without any shady behaviour.

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