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03 - 27 - 22
Hello everyone! Today I’ll show you how to play Chamber and tell you all about him, including his abilities, how they function, and the ideal…

Hello everyone! Today I’ll show you how to play Chamber and tell you all about him, including his abilities, how they function, and the ideal strategy for using him. These Chamber strategies and tactics will assist you in elevating your game with Chamber to a new level.

I’ve been a professional Valorant booster for Valorant Smurf Acc for the past year and a half, and Chamber is certainly an excellent hero. Let’s take a look at his abilities now that we’ve introduced him.

Chamber Abilities

Q – Headhunter

Chamber equips a high-powered weapon by pressing ALT, which may also be aimed down sights with your right-click. Each shot costs 100 credits and you can carry a maximum of 8 bullets.

Side torso shots are 46 damage, the body and chest are 55 damage each, and the headshot is 159 damage. It’s worth noting that there’s no dropoff damage on long-range, whereas there is with the Sheriff.

Due to his excellent perk, Chamber is ideal in eco rounds. He has a weapon nearly all of the time thanks to his ultimate technique and ability.

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C – Trademark

Chamber’s trap can be likened to Killjoy’s alarm bot, which patrols the room and looks for foes, detecting one when it finds one. It has two charges and costs 150 credits to use.

A trap can scan a 10-meter radius in all directions. You may remove it before the game begins if you set it up during the purchase phase.

If you’re on defense, these should go in the same corridors as your opponent will sprint through. This isn’t anything new.

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You’ll plant this ability in the flank corridors while attacking so that your opponents won’t be able to sneak up on you from behind. Enemies will either need to be revealed by it and slowed down, or they will have to be destroyed so you may learn of their presence. There is, however, a method for deceiving them; for example, if smoke is obscuring the line of sight, a Jett can smoke the bot and it will not reveal here.

If you don’t need it to cover flanks, save it for when you plant the spike; then put them in the entrances, generally behind walls, so they must trigger if they enter the site.

E – Rendezvous

The Chamber may activate its abilities to form a portal between two teleport beacons, which it can then use to move from one to the other. The maximum distance you can spread them is 30 meters between the two beacons, and the maximum distance between each of them at which you may reactivate and transport is 10 meters.

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To utilize this power, you’ll generally set one safe haven somewhere secure behind where the enemy can’t get to you that will act as a quick escape should you need one. You place the second one on a very aggressive point, generally around peeking locations where you attempt to take kills. Then you can peek, shoot, and teleport back in a microsecond to avoid getting hit back. It’s worth noting that the signal doesn’t have to be in your line of sight; it can also see you through walls.

Best Valorant Chamber Guide
Best Valorant Chamber Guide

Another approach to utilize this is for quicker rotations in defense. Basically, you put one near A site, another near B site when you hear a call for rushing, and then you can teleport to the other location much faster. Alternatively, you may utilize it to move vertically, which is the case with this example (Level 1).

Third, using one beacon on one side of the site and the other on the other is a wonderful way to use it on defense. When foes approach, you’re in the rear of the site defending and so on, but if they breakthrough, you may teleport to the other one behind their backs and destroy them.

X – Tour De Force

By putting your ultimate that costs 7 points to charge, you pull out a large sniper that one-shots foes where you hit them and leaves a lasting slow field around any slain enemy.

The operator is able to one-shot people in the head through thinner walls, whereas Tour De Force cannot. Although you won’t one-shot people in the head with thicker ones, like you will with thicker ones, they are also more powerful. Once you kill someone, it slows down those around him and allows you to shoot again, much faster. To sum up, the opposing team could find themselves in a bad situation.

Little-known Chamber Tips & Tricks

Chamber is not like Raze, where your abilities will kill people even if you aren’t that accurate. If you’re a sharpshooter, this agent only dominates if you play him; otherwise, he’s a waste of time.

You’re not a duelist or a pusher; you’re a sentinel. Your main objective is to collect information and avoid combat while waiting for kills with your sniper rifle. Don’t be a hero.

Make sure you have the money to purchase the weapon or your ultimate on eco rounds, which will help your team much as Jett did.

That’s all there is to it, guys. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I’m sure your Chamber game will be greatly improved as a result! Also, don’t forget to visit our website and find out what we can do for you right now!

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