Top 10 Pro Crosshair Settings in Valorant You Need To Try

03 - 27 - 22
Hello again, everyone! When it comes to crosshair placement and crosshair settings in Valorant, the crosshair is one of the most essential factors. However, it’s…

Hello again, everyone! When it comes to crosshair placement and crosshair settings in Valorant, the crosshair is one of the most essential factors. However, it’s time to choose the one you like after you’ve gotten used to the basic crosshair we recommend in the article above.

This is why I’ve rounded up the top ten pro-player crosshairs to assist you in finding the one that works best for you and desire to continue using, based on your preferences and playstyle. The Valorant Smurf Acc also have their own crosshairs, but for this article, I’ll just describe the ones from pro gamers that you’re probably familiar with.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

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Types of Valorant Crosshairs

The TenZ crosshair is the first one we’ll look at.

TenZ Crosshair

You’ve probably heard of TenZ from the Sentinels, which are currently one of the finest organizations in the world. The simple yet lovely crosshair used by TenZ will appeal to you.

The settings for his Inner Lines are 1-4-2-2, with everything else turned off. His favorite color is cyan, although white may also be used. It then turns out to be a little crosshair in the shape of a plus. While it’s noticeable, it doesn’t distract much.

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Though he is a fan of the Phantom, he prefers to use the Vandal since it’s more enjoyable.

Subroza Crosshair

Subroza’s crosshair, like TenZ’s, is similar to the Subroe but with a few more features. This is why his Inner Lines are 1-4-2-3, his Outlines are at a capacity of 1, and his Thickness is also at 1. He likes to use three hues: Cyan, Green, and Red.

The size of the crosshair is a little thicker, however, it still resembles the small TenZ crosshair.

ScreaM Crosshair

Despite the fact that Team Liquid isn’t doing well lately, ScreaM is still at the top of the EU ladders. He employs a little different crosshair: a dot crosshair (intentional pun).

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He closes down the inner and outer lines, sets the center dot with opacity 1 and thickness 3, along with outlines at 1 and thickness 1 in order to reach this next level of simplicity.

While it isn’t the most beautiful, it does provide a little more precision. There’s just one little dot you have to shoot through. At long range, however, it might backfire against you since the dot will just cover the tiny enemy and perplex you, while the + will not do so because of the gap between the four lines. A few of our Valorant boosting squad members use it. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Asuna Crosshair

His Inner Lines are at 1-2-1 and his Outlines are at 1-1, with a white colorway. This produces a smaller crosshair than the TenZs.’ These tiny crosshairs are enjoyed by Pro players and Valorant boosters because they aren’t really used as the main guideline when shooting. It’s simply a little reference point for them that doesn’t take away from the game.

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This little crosshair is perfect for Asuna, who is an aggressive player with a higher than average sensitivity. He must flick frequently, and a distracting crosshair will not help.

yay Crosshair

Yay is one of the most popular players in the world. He plays for Envy and has a tiny crosshair, like Asuna. Yay is also an aggressive player who enjoys dueling, so he has a tiny crosshair as well.

The West of Yay is filled with danger and red, the color of misery. Red is a poor color that many find to be bright but not so bright as to be distracting. Although it’s smaller than Tenz’s crosshair, it’s nevertheless quite comparable and will come down to personal choice.

Lakia Crosshair

This is unquestionably the most unusual crosshair you’ll see today, with the + and dot. The box crosshair is a classic design. Lakia from Vision Strikers utilizes it now. Set your Inner Lines to 1-1-5-2 in order to obtain the box crosshair. (1-1-6-3 if you prefer the bigger version) To be honest, it’s not really a box; it has somewhat rounded edges, but the box is accurate.

It’s easy to see that the + and the dot are combined. You may recall that using the dot might cause problems with a long-range vision where it prevents the opponent’s head from being seen and confuses you. The dot, on the other hand, is smaller than the +. The box, though, has a hole in the middle to prevent obstructing, and it isn’t as big as the +.

SicK Crosshair

For individuals who don’t like the little crosshairs such as professional gamers and Valorant boost squad, there’s the medium-sized crosshair.

SicK, a professional CS:GO player, uses Inner Lines 0.8-3-2-5 with Outlines ON and a green color palette. You’ll immediately notice how much larger it is and how well it’s suited for new Valorant players in particular.

ShahZam Crosshair

The crosshair of Shahzam is a little bigger than the Subroza’s. Shahzam is a jack-of-all-trades player. Set your Inner Lines to 0.754-5-2-3 with Outlines at 0.5 and a green colorway to make his crosshair setting easier.

This one distinguishes itself, and it’s once again more appropriate for newer players or those who don’t want to deal with the tiny crosshairs at the start of this article.

Hiko Crosshair

Hiko’s crosshair is one of the most popular. It’s activated with the Inner Lines at 1-5-2, color Green and everything else OFF.

The gap in the middle is absent, as with all of the other +-shaped crosshairs in this guide. This indicates that, like the dot crosshair, it has the same problem and may not be ideal for newer players who are still learning where to put their screen’s center.

nAts Crosshair

The Gambit Avtomat crosses are one of the greatest sentinel players in the world, so if you’re a sentinel, this crosshair is worth a shot. His Inner Lines are 1-2-1-2 and green in color. This smaller version of Asuna’s crosshair may be ideal for you.


Thank you for taking the time to read my crosshair guidance. I hope you discovered a new crosshair for yourself! I’d also want to tell you about our services that will help you reach any rank in Valorant.

You can play with our team or on your account until we reach the proper level. There is no danger in the service, so go ahead and try it if you’ve been having a bad streak lately or simply don’t have time to play.

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