Valorant story mode? Riot developer reveals Valorant has a story

06 - 20 - 21
What is the backstory of Valorant? In the months since its publication, Valorant has become one of the world’s most successful FPS games (Tactical shooter…

What is the backstory of Valorant?

In the months since its publication, Valorant has become one of the world’s most successful FPS games (Tactical shooter FPS Game). The game is set in a world of complex narratives and rich characters. Fans, however, know very little about the in-depth plot. The Riot Games offered only hints of the Radianite battle between the Valorant Protocol and the Kingdom Company.

According to Valorant, the origins of Radianite are uncertain. However, it is believed to grant unique powers to people who come into contact with it. They’re known as radiants. The main aim of the Kingdom Company is to collect and use radiant for nefarious purposes. The Valorant Protocol was developed to secure Radianite position in this organization Valorant creative Director David Nottingham has vowed to delve further into the plot in Valorant Episode 2 and beyond. Episode 2 will appear early in January with the 14th Valorant Agent and likely a redesigned ranking system seeded in the game.

Valorant Back Story
Valorant Back Story

The creative director David Nottingham of Valorant gives detailed lore perspectives about the traditional story mode.

Within months after launch, the setting, characters, and deep mythology of Valorant have become popular, and fans can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Valorant devs have been dropping end-of-year posts on with the year coming to an end. Valorant’s artistic director, David Nottingham, wrote about the launch year and teased what’s next in the future. He gave VALO shouts, too. He wants to continue to adapt and create experiences based on the player’s near future in the game.

Riot developers blog post says that traditional story mode current plans but never reveals, Although story mode might not arrive in Valorant soon, it’s still very much on the table, mainly because it’s in high demand among the gamers. The developer plans but never say that “players telling us you want a story mode the might find and piece together, piece together snippets and develop player cards accordingly so that there is the game itself in the player.” They say never our goal is to disappoint the fans.

David Nottingham (Creative Director // VALORANT // Riot Games)
David Nottingham (Creative Director // VALORANT // Riot Games)

Can there be a single-player campaign?

Valorant operates only as a multi-player experience right now, but maybe a single-player or co-op campaign be added in the future. As more players look for more lore and even a “story mode,” Riot has addressed that.

Right now, there is a valuable universe in a pretty clear space. The lore behind Agents, or the battlefields on which they fight in the Future Earth, doesn’t have much depth. It does not influence the gameplay, but it is an added aspect that Riot is renowned for building on. After all, after all, 153 champions and counting, the League of Legends has varied histories. They’re also making an MMO based on Runeterra and each character’s encounters. You can buy Valorant Accounts from

Phoenix Valorant Agent

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The story mode in a competitive First Person Shooter (FPS) game is not anything new. In reality, games such as Call of Duty are known for their groundbreaking story-based subsets Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Other than the right narrative mode, some FPS series like Overwatch has cinematic shorts to make the story go.

Valorant began with Episode 1: Ignition, with each episode, split into actions. The ignition consisted of three acts. Episode 2 is expected to come at the beginning of January. In view of the fact that Act 1 and Act 3 fell with new maps, Ascent and Icebox, and Episode 2 Act 2 added a new Deathmatch game mode; it is possible that Episode 2: Act 1 would add new game modes. With story mode, the players can get to know the agents and their stories among the character cards, and players to discover more about agents and their possibility of stories in the future.

With its deep love and rich characters, the story mode has been a favorite fan’s wish to delve deeper into the story. In the latest Ask Valorant Q&A, Valorant developers were asked about the prospect of a story mode. The developers responded that encouraging players to find out more about the backstories of the Agent and the environment is a strong top priority for the team. A lot of that is contained in the playing card, voice-over, and a lot of Easter eggs to render snippets.

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Is there a new valorant map in the making?

The clue was the open photoshop file. The picture seems to have been of a ship in open water during the night. This may have hinted at a potential ship map, but there are not many teasers confirming it at the moment. If it’s a new agent, film lore, or a new map, fans can’t wait for Valorant Episode 2. With more information on Radiant and the dispute between Kingdom Company and Valorant Protocol set to arise. These are exciting times for game players as the developers’ goal is always to listen to players. In the near future, there are going to be a lot of places on the maps that will be released in the future.

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