5 tips to make the most of Stinger in Valorant

12 - 09 - 22
The Stinger was intended to be a close-range weapon. However, unlike the Spectre, it has a much shorter range and a spray pattern that can…

The Stinger was intended to be a close-range weapon. However, unlike the Spectre, it has a much shorter range and a spray pattern that can become quite unwieldy.

Riot wants the gun to feel “controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges,” and it believes the spray is currently “out of control” even at close range. To address this, the top spread is being reduced to make the gun feel more reliable up close.

Riot Games recently tweaked a few aspects of Valorant’s unpopular submachine gun, Stinger. It is one of the most affordable weapons in the popular tactical shooter game, costing 950 VP.

Having said that, Stinger was once overpowered for its price point, and Riot had to implement some nerfs to balance it out. Following the nerf earlier this year, the weapon quickly dropped out of the meta, forcing players to opt for the mid-tier Spectre instead.

Valorant players have resumed using the Stinger in save rounds following the buff. Needless to say, the weapon is extremely effective at close range.

How to utilize Stinger in Valorant

1) Only take close range fights with the Stinger

Stinger, like Spectre in Valorant, is an SMG that is most effective in close-range combat. A mid-range enemy wielding a Vandal or a Phantom, for example, should be avoided as much as possible.

Stinger, on the other hand, allows players to be more aggressive from close range. It’s worth noting that the weapon has a high firing rate and 20 bullets in a single cartridge. It’s very easy to get off track and end up reloading in a bad situation. As a result, be as precise as possible.

2) Hold chokepoints with the Stinger

Stinger is excellent for holding chokepoints in Valorant, particularly when defending or holding a site after a spike has been planted. At all costs, maintain patience and trigger discipline with the weapon. You want to take down as many enemies as you can while maintaining an off-angle.

Holding tight corners with Stinger can result in some easy kills due to its close-range strength. Use alternate fire with the weapon at close range or while holding chokepoints, however, as it can cause more harm than good.

3) Utilize Stinger’s first-shot alt-fire accuracy in mid-range

SMGs are not recommended for long or mid-range combat. Use Stinger’s burst mode if the situation calls for it. Maintain head-level accuracy when using alt-fire, as the weapon can now kill with a single burst at a range of 50 metres.

The most recent buff improved its first-shot accuracy when alt-firing in Valorant. In patch 5.06, the alt-fire first shot error was reduced from.5 to.35. As a result, players who take their time learning Stinger’s alt-fire mode will be able to experience its full potential.

4) Don’t choose Stinger on certain maps

Valorant’s low-cost SMG is slowly gaining popularity as a result of its recent buff. However, its characteristics make it unsuitable for long-range combat, making Stinger an unsuitable choice for maps like Breeze and Pearl. The weapon is ideal for use in Bind, Ascent, and even Haven, where there are numerous chokepoints to defend against.

Outside of save rounds, Stinger is an unsuitable choice, and players have economic options like Sheriff and Ghost that may be a better choice on maps with few to no chokepoints.

5) Duelists may do better with an SMG like Stinger

Stinger is a difficult weapon to master, especially due to its unusual recoil pattern. It’s rare to get more than one kill with a single round of Stinger. As a result, the weapon is best suited to duelists who can enter sites unexpectedly and engage enemies at close range. Duelists such as Jett, Raze, and Yoru have the ability to flee or dodge bullets more easily than a support agent.

Having said that, regardless of the Agent they choose, anyone can master the steep learning curve and use Stinger effectively.

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