Agent guide: How to play Jett agent in Valorant?

07 - 10 - 21

Jett is one of the many agents that the riot games have to offer to fight other enemies on the map. The developers of riot games have given unique abilities to this one agent in valorant. A player playing valorant for the first time should avoid learning about the abilities of this character Jett as she is one the most difficult players in valorant by riot games to play with but it will help to learn from the information below. This guide contains all information about the agent Jett.

How to play Jett agent in a valorant game?

Jett is a Duelist and one of Valorant most complicated characters. She has the power to let her dash in any direction and another that allows her an extra high jump to hit points on the map that few other agents can do. Yet she should do more than get around easily. She also has a smoke barrier she can bring down to block off the enemy’s eyes and an ultimate ability that’s lethal. Jett isn’t as multipurpose as other agents out there. She can dash out of the site after planting the spike.

Signature ability: Tailwind

Jett's ability cloud burst
Jett’s ability tailwind

Jett’s tailwind ability is on a quick cool down and can be used for darting between the cover or for rushing straight from the spawn and to any dawdling enemies who don’t want someone to be on the spot too soon. It’s quick and fast to use because of Jett’s agility and speed, but there’s a synergy with Cloudburst that helps you to hurry in and plant without ever having to control the site. You can also Shop Valorant accounts and practice Jett gameplay with low-rank players.

Tailwind ability will charge when Jett gets two kills after she uses it. Be careful to rush forward into a fight with this strength, once you’re finished with your sprint, you’ll need to get your arm back out, which will take quite a while. When you’re doing so, you’re going to be vulnerable to enemies with no means to protect yourself, be sure to have at least one team member with you there watching your back while using tailwind. It also acts as a great escape tool when you are surrounded by the other team players.

Ability: Updraft

Jett's ability updraft
Jett’s ability updraft

Updraft ability is one of the few ways in Valorant to get to high places. If you see two huge boxes stacked on top of each other, consider using this updraft skill to climb on top of them. From here, you can catch off-guard enemies who may not have predicted your role because very few characters in the game can enter it. Use this to get a perfect position in a fight or escape. It also has reusability in these cases (twice). You can use updraft to manoeuvre around traps or the consequences of enemy abilities that have been tossed out. Once Riot introduced the regional leaderboard system, TenZ quickly climbed to the top of the list and has been there ever since. He distinguished himself from the others in the North America region Valorant players with his excellent gameplay with Jett.

Using it to reposition yourself like this will help you turn the tide of a duel. You will basically stop a lot of abilities if you’ve got one of them in your bag. When you launch into the air with this power, your shots won’t be precise, even though you’re using Jett’s hover capabilities as well. You’re not allowed to do this to attempt to get a clean shot off, since opponents would be able to target you a lot faster than you will shoot them. Jett also has the power to hover if you keep the jump when you’re in the air. she’s trying to sink really slowly when she’s hovering, but she’s not going to be able to shoot accurately.

ABILITY: CLOUDBURST (smoke grenade)

Jett's ability cloud burst
Jett’s ability cloud burst

These are really small clouds of smoke, so they’re perfect to keep an enemy from staring at a certain angle. Since you can bend the smoke grenade, try to obscure the spot around the corner or anywhere else that’s safe by placing a cloud. In the worst-case situation, you should throw one of these straight at the enemy to obstruct their view. Creating a smokescreen between you and the enemy team. Throwing out other abilities from inside a cloudburst will work very well. It lets you raise in one direction or take the high ground when you can’t really make your motions out of it. Cloudburst is a missile, and it is Jett’s most ‘natural skill.’ It’s the most of those skills! It blocks the line of sight of your opponent players.


Jett's ability glide
Jett’s ability glide

This is the passive ability of the Valorant agent Jett. Holding the jump button helps you to avoid fall damage. This helps you to get a little more air time out of a hop, take a different path, or escape dropping injury. However, when used dynamically, it will allow you access to interesting locations and angles across the map. It’s just a passive ability, but it can perform well when paired with all the other abilities. According to, Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek – Acend has the best average fight score of any Jett player in Europe over the last 60 days.


Jett's blade storm
Jett’s blade storm

Unlike weapons, this power is always effective in a single shot, with the right combination you can use Jett’s Updraft ability to leap into the air, then hover and fire your daggers without fear of losing their target. This is one of Jett’s few real offensive fighting styles. You draw the blades that you can throw with great precision. A left-click throws a knife, and a right-click throws all of them at once. If you’re trying to kill, the blade storm will get reset. As with every final, this is a perfect play to throw away in most different styles of rounds, anytime you can.

It’s very powerful for Jett, as it should be for Ult. The target is remarkable. You hit them as you shoot at them. Punishment and movement had little impact on it! This means that you can use your other skills when using these weapons. The knives can be used only after the ability, so the pause is not a question of ability. Throwing knives will work very well with Updraft, as Jett’s ult is 100 percent reliable except when running. This precision also ensures that you can play more confidently than you would usually do with this ultimate. Since you can fire and move when your opponents can’t. ‘SeolDam,’ a South Korean Valorant player, is a master of the game and can play at a breakneck speed, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. He has the fortitude to relentlessly drive his rivals when landing shot after shot before they can even flinch for a single second.

Some additional tricks and tips about Jett

valorant agent jett
valorant agent jett

Jett’s agility skills are amazing, but they’re sort of loud. Bear that in mind. Try to choose the moment you’re using them wisely. Be sure you’re not even using that, but it’s a nice way to get around. Your pace is simply improved by your ability to run faster. Shotguns and SMGs are better matched with Jett’s swift and offensive abilities. Try not to blow your ability defensively in a hurry. It’s easy to do this because they’re usually wasted. Using the versatility to get the best spot in front of a duel. Positioning here is important. Jett has access to sightlines that are entirely different from most players. Prioritize mobility abilities. Most Valorant agents have identical smoke screen features, but you can aim to switch where possible.

These tips and tricks can be a handy guide in a game where you play as a duelist player: Jett in valorant.

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