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3 Steps to Help You Warm Up Before Playing VALORANT

07 - 24 - 21
5 Steps to Help You Warm Up Before Playing VALORANT
How to Warmup Before Playing Ranked in VALORANT To play ranked at your best, always warm up with a routine. Is your performance in ranked…

How to Warmup Before Playing Ranked in VALORANT

To play ranked at your best, always warm up with a routine.

Is your performance in ranked inconsistent? A warmup routine can help you enter as the best version of yourself.

Below, I will share with you a warmup routine working for me and which tasks give the best game boost.

Literally, warm yourself up! 

To get the most out of your game, try a warmup routine just before being ranked.

Most people don’t realize that their fingers can become stiff and slow while using the mouse after too much time in cold temperatures.

A lot of people skip the warmup, and it may contribute to poor performance.

If you ever feel like your hands are cold while gaming, try shaking them out before doing anything else. Doing some clenching exercises will also help wake up your muscles and get the blood flowing.

If you are an analog player, this is especially relevant for you. There are a few tricks and tips to warm up your hands before playing ranked.

-Some of them are soaking your hands in warm water, or having a hot-water bottle by your side might do the trick!

Another option could be remembering this step for wintertime as well.

Skip the warmup process for Aimlabs or something similar

Now that we are physically warm, I will demonstrate how to warm up for a ranked game of VALORANT.

We can begin with our aiming routine. I have my preferred method downloaded, so it will be best if you can download Aimlabs from the Steam store. It’s free and has great features of warming up and perfect

Make sure that under the control settings in Settings, you have set the game profile to VALORANT and have matched up your settings accordingly. 

To start, I jump into GRIDSHOT: MODE ULTIMATE.

This is an excellent general practice to get our crosshair positioned and the player’s movement speed at max level.

One of the best aimers currently in competitive VALORANT, TenZ from Sentinel’s top team, has built up his skills by training on Aimlabs and achieving high scores.

If you need some exercises and stretches to get on a schedule before playing ranked, we have put together TenZ’s routine.

Don’t underestimate The Range in VALORANT

There are many ways to warm up before playing in VALORANT, such as a fun task on the range or using medium bots on the Summoner’s Rift. Maybe try a score of 20+, and if you need help with your technique, matchmaking mode can make it easy for even new players to get used to battle tactics.

If you feel like the medium setting is too easy, play on hard and try to get a score of around 15-20. Focus on holding down the ADS button to line up your crosshair at head height and only leading shots horizontally.

After completing this task a few times from behind the barrier, it is time to walk back and finish it again from farther back. Making this goal more difficult adds another level of complexity to your warmup. Flicks must be even more precise now due to the added distance forced on you by your own choice of making the task harder for yourself.

If you have been struggling with your aim, this might be because of your lack of warmup. The following guide is designed to get you up and running in terms of aiming, so it’s worth checking it out for more reliable performance.

The team’s star player, ScreaM, has been utilizing this idea of going back to basics. It is essential to recreate longer-range duels in-game.

There Is never one single way to go about this, be free with yourself and shoot the bots aiming for the head in certain patterns that you feel like.

To warm up before playing ranked, try using a predetermined combination of commands with a given weapon like Sheriff or Guardian.

You can also head to the boat ramp and practice your horizontal adjustments by fighting off flying drones and signs.

Skip the warmup for these maps, and you may be leaving a lot of potential gold on the table.

This should help you warm up for your ranked games. It’s good practice and it’ll make your climb easier.

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