Valorant Neon Guide – The Only Guide You Need (Tips & Tricks)

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Hello everyone! Today We’ll be discussing Valorant Neon Guide. The nineteenth Valorant agent is a young woman from the Philippines with a strong duelist kit.…

Hello everyone! Today We’ll be discussing Valorant Neon Guide. The nineteenth Valorant agent is a young woman from the Philippines with a strong duelist kit.

I’m a professional Valorant booster at BestGamingTips, and since the moment she was released, Neon has been a focus of mine. I’ve already completed several transactions with her, and they’ve all gone swimmingly. Now that I’ve learned something new, I’d like to share it with you.

Neon Abilities

Let’s start with her powers and see what they’re all about.

Fast Lane – C

The Fast Lane is another wall ability introduced to the game, which resembles the Phoenix’s wall but has a few key differences.

As you’ve probably noticed, Neon can generate two electric walls in front of her, on the left and right. I’ll go over the most important details and recommendations.

  • It costs 300 credits and takes one charge per round.
  • Lasts around 6 seconds
  • Unlike the Phoenix, it is not capable of being curved.
  • They behave like missiles, in that they will stop if they hit a box when the cursor is on it, but if you cast it while the cursor is extended, they will go through a box if one is on the way.
  • You will not be healed by your walls.

This ability can be very useful in an emergency since it may be used to block any number of targets. It is primarily utilized to block at least one of the areas you wish to defend, but it can also frequently be used to obstruct two places from which opponents may strike you as you go and plant the spike.

Relay Bolt – Q

The Neon Relay Bolt is a type of concussion grenade, similar to those used by Breach. It doesn’t blind you the way Skye’s blind does, but it does have the same effect as breach: a stun.

When you throw the bolt, it bounces off the first obstacle it encounters, creating a circular area on the floor that stuns anybody inside it when it strikes the second obstacle after a bounce, making three stun circles.

  • Costs 200 credits, 2 charges
  • It’s possible to stun yourself or your teammates with this ability.
  • It bounces through walls, so you can bounce it off the wall and hit someone who is camping behind it.

High Gear – E

This is a simple ability that unleashes a burst of speed that consumes Energy and can be utilized again once your energy regenerates. You may perform a slide by pressing right click. After you’ve completed two kills, the slide may be recharged. You can try this agent in new Valorant Accounts for sale.

  • You have unlimited access.
  • You can’t cancel the slide.
  • You are not permitted to fire during the sprint and, once your slide is over, your previous used firearm will be worthless.
Valorant Neon Guide
Valorant Neon Guide

Overdrive – X

This power also enhances Neon’s movement speed, as well as her Electric Storm ability. It has no ammo or reload, and you may just spam it throughout the entire ultimate duration. On every kill, the time recharges.

  • You’ll get 7 Ultimate points
  • Because there’s no ammo or reload, keep the Forerunner going around corners and impediments.
  • During the sprint, you can’t shoot; as soon it finishes, your previous weapon will be depleted.

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You are a strong entry fragger and a fantastic duelist. You should use your E ability to lead the way onto the site, making sure to cover at least one side where foes typically congregate, usually both sides, so you might as well diagonally through the location.

It’s most often used to parry, but it can also be employed as a defensive measure to slow down opponents and force them to go through a wall, where you may hide in direct line of sight if they are brave enough to do so.

Bounce the ball between two opposing walls on a passageway to block foes from passing through and slowing them down while on defense. Or try stunning foes that are defending a position behind cover.

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Use your sprint ability to shift quickly between locations and catch your foes by surprise.

Weapon Loadout

Considering the nature of Neon and her fast duelist fragger, I’d always choose a Phantom over Vandal. Spectre and Bucky are also excellent choices when a Phantom isn’t accessible. Weapons with short ranges that fire in unison with your strengths.

Agent Synergy

Due to poisonous clouds and smokescreen, the viper may be a good choice. Skye and Phoenix are also excellent choices due to the synchronization when fragging, as well as their flashes working well with Neon’s walls.

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