Agent guide: How to play Sova agent in Valorant?

04 - 17 - 21
Sova is an Initiator-type agent with resources that give him and his squad a view of enemy players and make them scatter even before they…

Sova is an Initiator-type agent with resources that give him and his squad a view of enemy players and make them scatter even before they reach you. His toolkit includes a recon dart, shock bolts, and hunter fury which makes him an outstanding scout who can work both offensively and defensively. Sova is one of the best Ultimates users among the Valorant agents. This article will break down Sova’s abilities and skills, show off his best loadout. Sova is the best character to get if you’re new to a first-person shooter.

Abilities of Sova include the following:

1. Recon bolt (signature ability)

Sova Recon bolt (signature ability)

The first thing you must know when you are about to play sova is to fire the signature ability recon bolt at a right angle so that you can gather most of the intel. The recon bolt can also be used as a decoy to deceive the opponent from where you will attack. Upon landing, the bolt will pulse three times in a large radius. Alternate Fire could add up to two bounces to this bolt.

Sova’s Recon Bolt ability is the most significant justification to play Sova as a versatile talent that can give your squad an advantage during the offense and even turn the tide while it’s on the defensive. The main element of mastering is the best angles to shoot the recon arrows to get the most out of the pulse. There is a 35s cooldown between reshooting the recon bolts. A neat trick is to shoot the bolt upwards, lock it over the crates and other hiding places, and then follow up with Sova’s Ultimate to destroy the enemy team without fighting. Other perfect fire spots at Recon Bolt are overhead areas, such as roof edges.

2. Owl drone

Valorant Sova Owl drone ability

Sova’s owl drone ability that you can buy one for 300 Creds each round in your store. Sova deploys his ability, which allows you a complete view of the Drone’s POV. The Drone will fire a dart that can show any enemy hit for a few seconds. An ideal weapon for investigating the planting site and other places where the enemy may be hidden, the Owl Drone is best used before the squad is ready for entry. Another way to use a drone is to distract by getting a teammate in a tow poised to strike unsuspecting enemies. Be alert since the Owl Drone can be killed by enemy fire.

While this ability could provide you with a wealth of knowledge, Sova can’t move during the time while his Drone is deployed. You will need to make sure you’re safe when you use it, or you’re going to be a sitting duck. Similar to the Recon Bolt, the Drone can be killed by the opposing squad.

3. Shock bolt

Valorant Sova Shock bolt ability

Sova’s shock bolt ability can buy two charges for 100 Creds each during your buying process. You will decide how far the bolt goes by keeping your left-click down. You can also determine whether it bounces by right-clicking up to two times when charging and targeting. And even if the Shock Bolt brings you a lot of potential harm around places that would be difficult to fire, like narrow passages next to corners, it’s not enough damage to be deadly to healthy enemies.

This skill is better used to bring an end to injured players or to soften the full-health targets for you to take down later. Shock bolt is an outstanding skill to start combat before reaching the zone by the sova agent. In tandem with his vision giving powers and Alternative fire, Shock Bolt can damage enemies hiding behind and around corners. pIt’s best not to use it when attackers know where Sova is, as though shooting a bolt would be slow, which will give the opponent enough time to reposition.

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 4. Hunter’s fury

Valorant Sova Hunter's fury ability

A bow with three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts. FIRE to unleash an energy blast in a line in front of Sova. Restoring the damage and exposing the enemy’s location trapped in the queue. This feature can be repeated up to two more times when the timer capability is working. If you’re pretty confident that an opponent is hidden behind a wall. You may even attempt to snuff them out by shooting blindly. It’s better to warn you to use Sova’s Ultimate ability when enemies are discovered. Because you won’t have access to your weapons when the skill is working.

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Role of sova in the team

While playing as Sova, your job is to build an opening and provide your team with a knowledgeable advantage. During both offense and defense. When you’re on the offensive, use Recon Bolt and Owl Drone to discover enemy targets. So your squad can penetrate Spike planting sites and other positions without being hit in the back. Although sova is not expected to hold the spike if a teammate carries it. Sova can use the Drone early in each round to clear a route for your squad. To give them the knowledge of whether there are enemies high, low, or around corners. If you bait attackers to fire the Drone, your squad will theoretically easily follow up and strike them as it’s being attacked.

Additionally, when your Drone is done, using your Recon Bolt while the map is silent will help you get the advantage over your opponent. If you can’t expose an opponent with your arrow, so you know where they’re not. And you can theoretically press on to a blast.

Some tricks about fury Sova

sova valorant
These tricks can be a handy guide in a game where you are playing as initiator Sova.

Using Shock Bolt as you’d use a frag grenade in other FPS games. By applying bounces to it before you fire. Recon Bolt can be disabled by enemy fire. Which ensures that it has the ability to be used as a diversion to allow a teammate to flank. Use Owl Drone to push the squad, particularly if you’re rocking a loading sniper. When your team has set out to reach enemy-occupied territories, send out your drone. Lead the way to distract enemies who may be waiting around the corners. Hunter’s Fury is one of the best Ultimate to protect the planted Spike. As soon as the timer begins ramping up, take the cover and start shooting through the walls into the Spike.

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