How To Check Corners And Peek in Valorant like a Pro Player

06 - 18 - 22
Today, I’m going to discuss one of the most fundamental components of Valorant, which is peeking into corners and checking angles. You will live longer…

Today, I’m going to discuss one of the most fundamental components of Valorant, which is peeking into corners and checking angles. You will live longer and kill more people if you read through this guide and apply the advice I present.

Because the time to kill in Valorant is so short, peeking and assessing angles is essential for success.

Let’s learn how to properly peek in Valorant while inspecting corners to get more kills and less deaths right away.

Valorant Peeking Advantage

The Benefit of Peeking Either you’ve heard about peeker’s advantage before, perhaps through one of our guides or another FPS game. It’s a common problem in most FPS games, but it’s especially problematic in tactical shooters like Valorant and CS:GO.

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Valuable creators have stated that they will do everything necessary to eliminate the peeker’s edge; yet, this appears to be a difficult, if not impossible, undertaking.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the player who has the benefit of peeking the angle. Before the adversary who isn’t peeking notices the peeker, he notices the enemy who isn’t peeking. Imagine an opponent holding a route and you’re coming up from a corner while he’s already watching that corner; when you peek out, you’ll see him first and be able to fire at him; this is a millisecond difference, but it makes all the difference when a Vandal’s first bullet in the head kills you.

This is why learning how to peek around corners is critical.

Valorant Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle peeking is a key peeking technique that, properly internalised, leads to more kills and fewer deaths. Jiggle peeking’s purpose is to peek angles while reducing the risk of being killed, and to obtain information as if you were stepping out rather than peeking.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually fairly simple. You walk up to the corner, hug the corner, position yourself towards the tunnel, and hit A or D (depending on which side you’re on) while rushing to barely peep out while pressing the opposite key (A or D) to immediately move back. To get the “jiggle” effect, repeat the A-D spam a few times.

It’s vital to understand that the distance you cover with your first A or D will take some practise, as you’ll need to expose your hitbox as little as possible so the adversary has a limited hitbox to shoot at and you don’t trigger the footsteps because you’re not using shift. Repeat the jiggle until you’ve gotten all of the information you desired from this peek.

Valorant Crosshair Placement And Aiming Methods

One of the most common mistakes players make in Valorant is placing their crosshairs incorrectly. The worst thing you can do is place your crosshair at body level or, even worse, somewhere random. Not to mention jogging or strolling about the map with your crosshair on the ground or in the air, which I’ve witnessed with some of my clients. Maintain a head-level crosshair!

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Pre-Aiming in Valorant

Pre-aiming entails aiming your crosshair at the enemy’s likely location. At your current location, there aren’t a million angles that an opponent may be holding; there are usually one or two, and one is more common than the other.

When used in conjunction with jiggle peeking, pre-aiming ensures that your crosshair is aligned head level and positioned exactly where the enemy usually is and might be while you’re jiggle peeking. If the enemy is present while you’re jiggle peeking, you can pick up a kill instead of just gathering information.

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Tracing in Valorant

Tracing is the second way, and it has nothing to do with jiggle peeping. Now that you know how to jiggle peek, you may find that you can’t jiggle peep every single corner on the map because it would take too long, especially if you have to rotate while the spike is planted.

This is when tracing comes into play; you must rotate swiftly and there are many angles between you and your objective. You’ll maintain your crosshair level and not jiggle, instead of tracking the corners’ walls and having your crosshair ready at the first possible place; if the opponent isn’t there, you’ll examine other angles and keep going, repeating the process.

Shoulder Peeking in Valorant

Shoulder peeping is a technique that involves peeking out even less than a jiggle peek in order to bait out an Operator shot or any other shot, forcing the adversary to tell you where they are or even killing them if they sit through an Operator reload.

Basically, you move up to the angle’s wall, still in cover but kissing the wall, and push A or D just enough for your shoulder to pop out but nothing else; you won’t see the enemy because just your shoulder was out; if you do, you were out too far. Press the opposite key and conceal as soon as your shoulder is out.

If the adversary fires an Operator, for example, come out and try to kill them; if it’s another gun, you at least know where they are and can try another technique. You can even use this strategy if you merely want to cross to the opposite side; while he’s reloading the OP, you can cross securely. Wall-banging should be avoided because the Operator, Vandal, Phantom, and a few other weapons have good wall penetration.

Valorant Strafe Shooting

In order to master both Jiggle Peeking and Prefire Peeking methods, you need to practice strafe shooting.

Let’s say for example you want to move right with key D to peek out and fire, you press it and you start moving, when you want to stop and start shooting, you need to release D and press the opposite key A, it will take a very short time before that actually happens and you start moving in the opposite direction. That very small window allows you to put out 2 or 3 bullets with perfect precision.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Valorant Peeking Guide! I hope that wasn’t too long, but even if it was, it was well worth your time.

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