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05 - 01 - 22
Hello, everyone. Today I’ll discuss our favorite entry fragger Raze. Raze has been a part of Valorant since its inception and has gone through numerous…
Valorant Raze Guide

Hello, everyone. Today I’ll discuss our favorite entry fragger Raze. Raze has been a part of Valorant since its inception and has gone through numerous buffs and nerfs to get her where she is now.

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With that in mind, let’s get started.

Raze Introduction

Raze is a hero that many players complain about due to her devastating powers. She used to inflict a lot of damage with her abilities, which is what the Valorant developers stated wouldn’t happen in the game, but it did. They decreased her satchels and ult after that, lowering her damage. She is still a force to be reckoned with, and she frequently ranks S or A on our Valorant agent tier list.

Raze players like to utilize their abilities, particularly the bomb and boombot, early in the game to damage opponents quickly or force them to flee, raze and her team may capitalize on the opening by either landing damage or retreating, giving Raze and her team more room to play around that angle since the enemy team either has lower HP or had to retreat while Raze and her team advances.

Secondly, a Raze who rushes into the enemy team with the satchels and a shotgun or an SMG before they’re expecting it, just kills people. This is a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that isn’t suited for most people since it necessitates extensive practice with the satchels. A fantastic video of this can be viewed here.

Raze Abilities

Let’s go through her skills and provide you with some advice on each of them.

Raze Agent Guide

Boombot (C)

Raze can deploy a roomba that travels in a straight line, but it is able to bounce off walls and objects. When it detects an adversary, it increases its speed and does significant damage if it captures them. Enemies can destroy Raze. Raze may only purchase one boombot per game for 400 credits.

On pistol rounds, the Boombot is a fantastic tool for gathering information or gaining access to the site, especially if you use it to make it chase foes and then have them destroy it. That’s also fantastic. Even better is when you acquire the information and they’re chased by a boombot, at which point you push them to collect a kill since they must decide whether or not to destroy the boombot.

You may utilize boombot lineups to ensure that your bot is clear of as many angles as possible, where opponents might be camping. A good trick is that you can actually jump and deploy the boombot, for example, over a Sage wall. You can also satchel the boombot over smaller obstructions by deploying the satchel in front of it and then triggering it when the bot passes over it, such as in hookah.

Paint Shells (E)

Raze may use a cluster grenade that will go off after a certain period of time, and then four more smaller grenades will emerge from it in four different directions, all of which will explode shortly after landing on the ground. Raze receives one paint shells charge per round for free, with the cooldown resetting when Raze scores two kills.

Paint shells are mostly utilized to severely damage or push people out of a particular location or angle. Because the explosion begins after it leaves your hand, you will be able to throw it long-distance into hookah and other enclosed places, ensuring that the bomb explodes immediately when it lands where you want it, making it impossible for enemies to avoid.

A practical combination is a boombot with paint shells, in which you use the boombot first and then hold on to your grenade until the boombot begins pursuing an opponent, at which point you can finish them off with the grenade while they’re occupied.

Blast Pack (Q)

Raze has the ability to purchase Blast Packs at the start of a round, which she can carry a maximum of two of. She hurls her satchel and may press the button again to activate it. It will adhere to any surface and detonate after a few seconds if not triggered by Raze prior. The damage is measured over time. When it sticks, it starts charging up damage; the initial amount is 15 and decreases with distance, reaching a maximum of 50 damage before falling off. It does not harm Raze or her allies.

The ability to peek is considered one of the best in the game, and it’s effective for positioning as well. Raze can fasten a satchel on one side of the angle, then knock herself towards the opening, surprising her opponent and allowing her to get a kill. Because this takes much practice, make sure to practice it in practice mode first.

If you just want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, do not flee from the enemy; instead, throw the first one on the ground and angle yourself in the direction you want to go, then press it 3 more times immediately to make two explosions at once in a fast manner.

Showstopper (X)

After a short delay, Raze equips a rocket launcher as a weapon and carries it about for up to 10 seconds before firing it. You are pushed back a few meters when you press the button to fire it, and the rocket does significant damage in a large area. The mastery requires eight ultimate points to use. Raze makes a loud bang when she activates her ultimate, so everyone knows.

Satchels can be utilized during the final stage to scan for opponents from higher up, and that’s when satchels are generally employed by Raze when she has her ultimate ready. The double satchel approach is useful since once Raze activates her ultimate, everyone will hide or run away, and the double satchel allows her to pursue them down and destroy them with the ultimate.

The blast has a wide radius, so you don’t have to shoot someone in the face with it to inflict significant damage or kill them if they’re behind a corner. Fire it from a safe distance into that corner and allow them to be hit even if the center of the blast isn’t inside the radius.

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Raze’s Last Words

I’m hoping you had a wonderful time reading my guide for Raze! I recommend trying satchels in practice mode and playing the less confrontational style at first, where you launch your abilities early in order for you and your team to follow up on them and gain kills as a result of the pressure generated by the abilities and your guns.

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