Phantom vs Vandal (Pros, Cons, and Situations)

06 - 20 - 22
Phantom vs Vandal
In Valorant, it is critical to use the best rifle possible. And if you are a fan of assault rifles, you will have to choose…

In Valorant, it is critical to use the best rifle possible. And if you are a fan of assault rifles, you will have to choose between the Phantom and the Vandal.

Valorant Guns: Phantom or Vandal?

One of the first questions players have while learning Valorant is whether they should play as Phantom or Vandal.

The two firearms have the same price and are the most well-rounded guns in the game, making them the bread-and-butter guns.

The short answer is that both are fantastic, and you can’t go wrong with either. In most circumstances, it will come down to personal preference.

Valorant Phantom

However, there are clearly distinct locations and situations where they outperform one another.

We’ll go through the various strengths and weaknesses, as well as when and why you’d use them, in this tutorial.

Attributes and Statistics

Before we go into the details of the two guns, let’s have a look at their overall stats and abilities.

  • Cost
    • Both guns
      • 2900 credits
  • Firing Mode
    • Both guns
      • Full-automatic in primary (hip) and alternate (1.25x zoom) firing modes.
  • Rate of Fire
    • Phantom
      • 11 rounds/sec
    • Vandal
      • 9.25 rounds/sec
  • Clip Capacity
    • Phantom
      • 30 rounds
    • Vandal
      • 25 rounds
  • Wall Penetration
    • Both guns
      • Medium
  • Silencer
    • Phantom
      • Yes
    • Vandal
      • No
Valorant Vandal

When should you utilise the Phantom or the Vandal?

In the parts that follow, we’ll go through various questions and scenarios that will aid you in deciding between the two firearms.

There are a lot of gamers who favour one over the other right now.

Players can anticipate adapting to their conditions and swap between them as the game evolves and the general player base improves.

Do you prefer to use a spray gun or a tap gun?

Because mechanics are such an important component of first-person shooters, how a gun feels and whether or not you feel comfortable using it are important considerations.

As a result, due to personal preferences, various players will naturally gravitate toward different guns.

Do you enjoy shooting people in the head with characters like the Ghost, Sheriff, and Guardian? It’s possible that you’re more of a Vandal player.

If you prefer to shred through your adversaries with the Frenzy, SMGs, and heavy machine guns, the Phantom is likely to suit you well.

Having said that, the two firearms are equally effective in opposing scenarios.

When using the guns, don’t feel obliged to only play one way when using them. A Phantom can undoubtedly be serviceable from longer ranges, and the Vandal can do the job spraying at shorter ranges when needed, so don’t feel obligated to only play one way when using them.

It’s more about knowing a gun’s qualities and using them to your advantage. It’s a good idea to match that to your own specific strengths as a player.

Are you on the Attacking or defensive?

Consider the contrasts between assaulting and defending once you’ve grasped the fundamental layout of a map in terms of the distances of conflicts you’ll be involved in.


The Vandal has a tiny advantage when it comes to attacking for two reasons.

To begin with, it’s difficult to foresee where defenders will position themselves when attacking.

The Vandal will assist you with preparing for angles of all lengths — close, medium, and long.

Second, because defenders must spread their squad out to cover multiple places, you’ll often have the advantage of having numbers on your side as an attacker.

This allows you to swing wide angles with friends and make rapid picks with the Vandal from distance, avoiding the risk of becoming filthy in close ranges.


On the other hand, the Phantom may be superior on defence due to circumstances that are the polar opposite of those mentioned above.

When defending, for example, you have the advantage of knowing the limited number of entryways via which the attackers will enter.

As a result, if you set up your position in such places, you’ll be more likely to guarantee close-ranged confrontations.

As previously said, defenders can expect to be faced with unequal numbers, such as 1v2s, 1v3s, and even more.

In certain instances, the Phantom’s increased firing rate and spraying ability can help you kill several foes rapidly in situations when the Vandal would be too slow.

Phantoms are used by well-known players like as TenZ because they are speedier and provide superior control. But if you’re familiar with ScreaM, you’re probably aware of his wild gunplay with Vandal. As a result, it’s best to study your matches and figure out which weaponry will help you climb the Valorant ranks the fastest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope you learned something new as a result of this article. Let us know how you’d chose between the Phantom and the Vandal in the comments section below.

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