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How To Change Valorant Name?

08 - 30 - 21
We’ve known for a long time that Riot Games will transition from being a League of Legends business to a publisher of “a lot of…

We’ve known for a long time that Riot Games will transition from being a League of Legends business to a publisher of “a lot of games,” and that the transition would be difficult. Our former account system, which wasn’t as ready for us to convert into a multi-game developer as we’d want, is one area where we can improve. We discovered after some digging that we couldn’t launch any more games until we made some big changes.

We understand that receiving an email or warning that they need to create a new login is inconvenient. We also understand that the future of Riot lies in Riot Accounts, which can be used to log in to any of our games. As a result, we’re making some modifications to our account system, which may require you to alter the name you use to log in.

In The First Place, Why Are You Changing Your Username?

Your new Riot Account will be the name you put into the sign-in page for any of Riot’s titles, rather than the name you typed into the prior account system, which was split down by region and connected solely to League of Legends. Going global necessitates the usage of globally unique usernames in all areas. As a result, in order for us to transition to this new account system, you may need to alter your username if it conflicts with a username in another country (even if that other name belongs to you).

What Is The Purpose Of Changing My Username?

Because no two usernames may be the same, if you use the same username on several servers (including PBE), you’ll need to make sure they’re all unique. However, because accounts with the same name aren’t always held by the same person, you may need to alter it before playing. Obviously, losing a login you’ve used for years may be a pain, but we believe that many of the new features we’ve implemented, such as the option to Stay Signed In, will make things simpler in the long run.

If I Do Not Change My Username, What Will Happen?

If you need to make changes to your account, there will be a pop-up window in the client that will allow you to do so. Because you won’t always be able to dismiss this pop-up, you’ll want to make the adjustment as soon as possible. You’ll have to travel to the website before you can log in after we remove the region option from the login screen in early February.

Can You Tell Me If This Is The Same As My Summoner Name?

Nope. Your username is the name that you use to log in, not the name that other players see in the game (like your Summoner Name in League of Legends). Your username is only visible to you and no one else has access to it.

What Exactly Do I Need To Do?

If you have a name that isn’t already globally unique, you may have already gotten an email from Riot requesting you to double-check that your name is the only one of its kind, regardless of server. Changing your name to be globally unique ensures that you remain true to yourself regardless of the Riot Game you’re playing. You may always click here, which will not only tell you whether you need to alter your name, but also allow you to do so.

Congratulations on changing your Valorant name! We at Valorant Smurf Accounts hope you were able to learn a little bit more about the game in the process. What are some interesting name changes that you have seen? Share it with us! Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in-game.

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