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VALORANT AGENTS GUIDE – FADE Riot, originally known as “bounty hunters,” did not make any promises to Fade, the fourth Initiator to join VALORANT. When…


Riot, originally known as “bounty hunters,” did not make any promises to Fade, the fourth Initiator to join VALORANT.

When Fade’s appearance was initially unveiled, she was immediately likened to Reyna, as she shared similarities in her appearance, backstory, and personality.

Fade has some highly interesting abilities filled with CC and some new effects that haven’t previously appeared in VALORANT.

Let us go over them.


EQUIP a Prowler. FIRE to send the Prowler forward. HOLD FIRE to direct the Prowler towards your crosshair. The Prowler will pursue the first enemy or terror trail it encounters and will nearsighted the adversary on impact. You can also buy Valorant Accounts and get going
Prowler is extremely comparable to Skye’s Ultimate or the Twin Hunters Orb in Spike Rush.

Although it can be destroyed, this ability is extremely useful for accessing areas and making quick pushes. It has 100 HP, therefore it requires at least three rounds from most popular weapons.


Equip a raw fear knot. TO THROW FIRE After a certain amount of time, the knot falls. RE-USE to cut the knot earlier. On impact, the knot ruptures, trapping adjacent opponents. Held foes have become deafened and decaying.
Fade’s Q ability completes her kit nicely, providing her with an ability that may be incredibly useful when employed defensively.

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Seize is a grenade-like ability that is hurled and travels similarly to Phoenix E (Hot Hands). The re-use feature expands Seize’s versatility and allows you to simply hurl it to your preferred destination.

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This ability, like Astra’s Gravity Well, works best when combined with utility that deals area damage, like Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, Brimstone’s Molotov, or Kay/FRAG/MENT. O’s

E (Signature Ability): HAUNT

EQUIP a haunting observer. TO THROW FIRE After a certain amount of time, the watcher disappears. RE-USE to get rid of the watcher early. On a hit, the watcher lashes out, disclosing adversaries in its range of sight and leaving fear trails behind it. Enemies have the ability to destroy the watcher.
The Haunt is extremely powerful, especially when coupled with Fade’s Prowler, as the Prowler will follow the path of opponents afflicted by Haunt.

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Haunt flies relatively quickly and may be thrown a long distance, making it tough for foes to react quickly enough and shoot it in time. It’s a really adaptable skill, and we recommend practicing some lineups with it.


EQUIP yourself with the force of horror itself. FIRE to unleash an uncontrollable flood of horrific force. Terror trails, deafness, and disintegration mark enemies trapped in the wave.
Nightfall is not only visually appealing, but it is also one of the most powerful abilities for gaining control of a site, whether on attack or in a recapture situation on defence.

Upon deployed correctly and at the right time, Nightfall almost always hits all adversaries who pose a significant threat when entering the site. The trails can provide you and your teams with a wealth of knowledge. When combined with the fact that deafened foes will not hear your footsteps as you enter the spot, you will have a significant advantage in gunfights.

Nightfall combines all of Fade’s skills and effects, which are already powerful on single targets, and allows her to apply them to all of her foes at once. Doesn’t that sound powerful?

Final thoughts

This agent appears to be beautifully designed, and maybe their kit will be well balanced when it is released. Riot has been cautious, recently favouring an underpowered kit when launching a new agent.

They should be confident enough to upset the Sova meta by truly enhancing each of these skills. Initiators are standard selections for every map, and for a long time in pro-play, most teams have chosen two initiators.

There are many Sentinels and Duelists who are left out of every game, but Initiators and Controllers are always a safe bet. If their skills are powerful, we will most certainly see a lot of Bounty Hunters.

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