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Agent Guide: How to play Sage agent in Valorant?

04 - 12 - 21
how to play valorant agent sage valorant agent sage Sage's
Sage,  assures the safety of herself and her team everywhere, she goes as a supporting character. According to the agent guide of riot games, she…

Sage,  assures the safety of herself and her team everywhere, she goes as a supporting character. According to the agent guide of riot games, she is China’s stronghold.  She brings a soothing core to a hellish battle, able to rescue fallen friends and fend off violent pushes. According to riot games developers, her role is being Sentinel. Her Healing Orb will keep her and her allies safe, while her Resurrection ultimate can resurrect a fallen teammate. She also has a barrier that can close off sections of the map and whole exits. As well as a slowing field that can slow anyone in it down to a crawl.

How to play sage agent in valorant?

Sage is a sentinel, a defensively focused character that specializes in protecting areas of the map and supporting her teammates. She won’t be the first to exchange in a fight, so don’t play to bait your teammates; instead, trade-off them while looking for ways to recover and respawn your teammates to turn the tables in the middle of the round. She acts as a medic for the team because of her healing abilities. Also, keep an eye on your Econ.

valorant agent sage 
how to play valorant agent sage
Sage's agent rundown
agent rundown of sage
  • Healing orb is Sage’s signature skill. Equipping this orb and using it on yourself or an ally will restore them to full health in a brief period of time. No one can choose Sage without keeping this and the next skill on the list in mind. Since few other heroes will help out their failing teammates quite like Sage.
  • Sage is equipped with a slow orb that she can fire at enemies. It will bounce off walls and floors before detonating as it hits the earth. And coating a region of ice that will delay anyone passing through it (for both friend and foe). It would be a decent ability to buy on most rounds since it is stackable to two charges and costs 200 credits.
  • Sage’s wall, once in place, will alter how you protect post-plant. Sage can use her wall to cover everyone from the Heaven and Shower positions on the map. Requiring them to either go full flank or go through the trailer. Reducing the enemy team’s entry options from 5 to 2. There is no sure way to use Ice Wall, and since it is expensive, you can use caution when installing it. Don’t push it if it doesn’t have a need per round. Spending 500 credits for each round is not a good idea.
  •  Resurrection is a fantastic ultimate that can completely change the outcome of a round or match. You’ve been caught in a 2 vs 1 match and need to defuse a blast. Rez and ally, why not? In a 3v3 match, do you have to advance into the bomb site? Bring back a deceased friend to give you a numerical advantage. In rounds that it might have felt better to conserve, Rez will open up new doors for your squad. Weighing the risk/reward would be critical, since Resurrection may be severely punished.

Signature ability: Heal Orb-E

valorant agent sage 
how to play valorant agent sage
Sage's ability healing
sage healing

EQUIP yourself with a healing ability. To trigger a heal-over-time effect on a wounded ally, Shoot with your crosshairs over them. When Sage is hurt, press ALT-FIRE to trigger a self-healing timer. Don’t be scared to use it early in around because it has a 45-second cooldown between casts. Either to heal a defender who is waiting for your team to gather for a retake, or to heal your duelist who took the brunt of the focus fire when your team arrived. Bringing the whole squad, or whatever is left, back to full health will make or break a fight.

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Ability: Barrier Orb-C

valorant agent sage 
how to play valorant agent sage
Sage's barrier
Barrier orbs

EQUIP yourself with a barrier orb. A solid wall is built by FIRE. The targeter is rotated by pressing ALT FIRE. Barrier Orb, the game’s most expensive skill, costs 500 credits and summons an ice wall that can seal off parts of the site. There are three segments to the barrier, totaling 800 wellbeings. It can be rotated 90 degrees by pressing C again, or you can pivot the wall to close off any area you choose by keeping RMB. After taking enough damage, each is killed and disappears after a 40-second uptime.

Barrier Orb offers Sage a range of choices. It can be used on defense early in the round to compel or disadvantage the pushing enemy team by blocking off a garage entry point. Sage can even seal off a secondary entry point by using her wall to lift herself, allowing her to wait behind cover and peek out at an angle that the enemy team would not predict, at least at first.

This is known as wall boosting, and there are hundreds of areas where you can do it. On some charts, such as Ascent center, she will lay her ice barrier in such a way that defenders in heaven can easily climb on and off the wall to investigate unless the attackers take a dangerous angle. Although it does not always succeed, it is a brilliant way to fight a war easily and with much less risk than normal.

Ability: Slow Orb-Q

valorant agent sage 
how to play valorant agent sage
Sage's slow down
slow orb

EQUIP yourself with a slowing orb. FIRE to propel a slowing orb forward that bursts until it lands, creating a residual area that slows players stuck inside. Slow orb, which is often used to distract attackers or to stall an advance, is useful for setting up the team players to make plays depending on their skills. A well-timed Sage slow orb will trap an opponent in a certain location long enough for a Brimstone Molly or Raze grenade to land among them and steal a fast double kill. Although it delays everyone, only your team makes noise as they traverse the iced-over field, emitting a crunching audio cue.


valorant agent sage 
how to play valorant agent sage
Sage's ability resurrection

EQUIP yourself with the power to resurrection ability. To begin resurrecting dead allies, FIRE with your crosshairs over them. The ally will be resurrected with maximum health after a brief channel. Her ultimate is not quiet, so make sure you’re shielded from enemy fire or have allies keeping an eye on the site you’re going into for the resurrection. Having an allied Omen, Jett or Brimstone uses fog to protect you as you do this will improve the odds of pulling off rez in a tight position, as can using Sage’s barrier orb to completely block off the enemy fire.

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Some Tips and Tricks:

Here are some additional tips and tricks about valorant agent sage. These are some tips apart from general content.

  • Purchase light with Sage early on. Her skills are helpful, but not enough to justify buying her over a demon.
  • You have the power to heal, so a light shield isn’t a high priority unless you want to heal an ally instead.
  • You won’t be on the frontlines with Sage, and you should be the last one peeking for details.
  • Sage and her teammates will stand on top of the wall as it is being built, allowing you to boost to a higher point on the map or on top of otherwise inaccessible crates.
  • Friendly players are also hampered by the slow orb, so be cautious where you use it.
  • In Valorant, death comes quickly, so don’t be too precious about your heals. If you have a target to heal, including yourself, don’t be afraid to do so.
  • If you try to bring back to life a colleague who was sniped or otherwise killed from a long distance. Try putting up a wall first then heading for the recovery. So they don’t die on their way back behind cover.

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